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Flex Hone- BRM manufactures industrial brushes and honing tools to suit all of your deburring and metal surface finishing needs. Contact us today!

Abrasive Brushes – Nylon abrasive brushes from Brush Research are well suited for light deburring and general surface finishing. Place an order for abrasive nylon

ROTATION BRUSH SANDER (R4) The aluminum hubs of the sanding heads on this machine accept many different brands of abrasive brush sanding strips to slot in. Brands

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Abrasive Nylon Brushes Abrasive grit encapsulated into the extruded nylon filament allows an abrasive nylon brush to perform deburring, edge blending, and

NYALOX, the original abrasive nylon brushes, has been redesigned to improve performance over a broader range of uses.

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EngineHones.com , Your Hone Solutions Supplier. We stock HUNDREDS of Flexhones® and honing accessories for all applications. In stock Flex-Hones® all sizes and

Brush Materials Wire brushes are available in all industrial brush formats (wheel, cup, end, twist knot, strip, and coil-wound brushes) in a wide range of wire

The Justman Brush online brush catalog features over 100 Test Tube, Bottle, Buret, Mottler, Carman, Centrifuge and Flask Brushes

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To enhance the wood grain and vision wood age by using steel brush to scratch the surface of wood piece and then after sanding by abrasive nylon brush for surface finish.

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