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Feb 16, 2012 · “We knew that if we could identify them in their second trimester, there’s a good chance we could capture them for years,” Pole told me. “As soon

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Learn about getting pregnant, signs of pregnancy, pregnancy stages, pregnancy complications, giving birth, and more from the editors of Parents magazine.

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Pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, and has three phases or stages; the 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimesters. Early symptoms of pregnancy may include constipation, headache

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Information about center, whose mission is to protect and advance the progress of women and teens.

Associated terms for pregnancy are gravid and parous. Gravidus and gravid come from the Latin for “heavy” and a pregnant female is sometimes referred to as a gravida.

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Research shows that the theutic benefits of drinking coffee do not apply to pregnant women.

BackgroundZika virus (ZIKV) has been linked to central nervous system malformations in fetuses. To characterize the spectrum of ZIKV disease in pregnant women and

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Why should pregnant women get a flu shot? Flu is more likely to cause severe illness in pregnant women than in healthy women who are not pregnant. Changes in the

Jan 18, 2017 · FDA and EPA have issued advice regarding eating fish. This advice is geared toward helping women who are pregnant or may become pregnant – as well as

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